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2023 Holiday Gift Guide

2023 Holiday Gift Guide

It's that time of year again! The season of giving. To simplify your shopping this year, we've curated timeless classics, and customer favorites within our Holiday Gift Guide to help you navigate the endless gift possibilities--we even have some great options for those teachers you love so much!


Eco-Friendly Gifts

Budding architects can construct and design whimsical worlds with the Knop Knop Set—a cuddly construction kit that combines the softness of a favorite plush toy with the excitement of STEAM learning! Our exclusive eco-friendly breathing board set illustrates to children how to take deep and calming breaths to manage anxiety, stress, and unsettling emotions. Or, check out the eco-friendly curved Balance Board that makes active play indoors easy and fun.

 Eco Friendly Gifts 2023

Stocking Stuffers

Need a few items to top off that perfect stocking? Look no further than the Dinosaur Projector- a delightful torch that brings 24 captivating creatures to life in the comfort of your home! Embrace the sensory joy of the popular Dimpl™  sensory toy and don't forget to include the timeless charm of the Goodnight Moon Board Book; after all, everyone adores this classic!

Stocking Stuffers 2023

Gifts Under $25

Shopping for an aspiring chef? We've got you! A realistic mixer, a coffee machine, a blender, and a toaster will be the perfect fit in your child's kitchen. Our always-favorite classic wooden alphabet puzzle is a fantastic gift for those early learners, as well as the Acorn Soup Set to boost counting and sorting skills!

Gifts under $25 2023

Gifts Under $50

Get active indoors with the popular Teeter Popper! Stand, sit, rock, tilt, wobble, wiggle, spin, and of course, POP! How children play with this unique, suction-cup-lined device is entirely up to them! If you are a fan of blocks, then the perfect addition might be these beautiful Wooden Rainbow Architect Arches. Celebrate the beauty of individuality and promote a sense of unity with our newly released Rainbow Community People Set. Great for open-ended imaginative play, color recognition, sorting, fine-motor skills, and language development! After all, we are always into learning through play!

Gifts under $50 2023

Gifts Under $100

Find joy in a bundle of six super-soft, 9-inch Basket of Babies, perfect for nurturing role-play and neatly nestled in a fabric basket. Enhance active play with our eco-friendly Wooden Balance Board, fostering confidence and balance skills. For little firefighters, the classic Hook & Ladder Ride-On Firetruck, with foot-powered motion, easy steering, and charming features, delivers thrills without breaking the budget.

Gifts under $100 2023

Gifts Over $100

Elevate outdoor play with our all-in-one activity gym, boasting a crawl-through tunnel, archway, slide, and stairway holes for imaginative adventures. The EverTough™ Panda Climber ensures durability and peace of mind, making it a USA-made playtime essential. Unleash creativity with the durable Double Sided Easel, featuring a double-sided design for paint, chalk, or markers, and built-in storage for a mess-free art zone. Little chefs can cook up endless fun in their sturdy Home Play Kitchen, complete with pretend burners, turning knobs, and charming cloth curtains—providing hours of imaginative play.

Gifts over $100 2023

Teacher Gifts

Discover lasting teacher gifts with our Book Prop Sets—classroom treasures featuring timeless favorites like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Goodnight Moon. Teachers also love our Sensory Stones, crafted for indoor and outdoor use to soothe emotions and enhance focus. Pair these thoughtful additions with sturdy woven baskets filled with sweet holiday treats, providing storage for blocks, sensory stones, and wooden cars in the new year!

Teacher Gifts 2023

Need help finding the perfect gift? You can always reach out to us -- we're happy to help! 

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