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Meet Greg Sullivan, Playground Installer for over 30 years

Meet Greg Sullivan, Playground Installer for over 30 years

In the realm of childhood memories, few things hold as much significance as playgrounds. They're where friendships are forged, laughter echoes, and imaginations run wild. Behind every vibrant, bustling playground lies a story of construction and dedication. Today, we're honored to shine a spotlight on Greg Sullivan, a seasoned playground equipment installer whose passion for crafting safe and inspiring play spaces has spanned over three decades.
Greg Sullivan, Expert Playground Installer

From Past to Present: A Journey of Evolution

As we stroll down memory lane with Greg Sullivan, one of our esteemed playground installers, we uncover not just a story of professional dedication, but a tale of joy, growth, and familial bonds. With over three decades of experience under his belt, Greg's journey with Constructive Playthings is a testament to our commitment to quality and safety in playground installations.

Greg’s journey with Constructive Playthings began in the early '90s when he embarked on his first installation at the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park, KS. Fast forward to today, and Greg finds himself back at familiar grounds, witnessing the evolution of playgrounds he once helped shape. His recent task brought him back to the same location, where he installed a new play structure. This time, however, his sons were by his side, working alongside him to complete the job.

Jewish Community Install
2023 Jewish Community Center Install

Memorable Moments and Milestones

For Greg, this installation represented more than just another job—it was a reflection of a lifetime dedicated to bringing joy to children through playgrounds. He fondly recalls his early installations as he sees remnants of his craftsmanship that stand as a testament to his dedication. Sharing a nostalgic moment, Greg reflects, "The first install was a very long time ago... seeing the old wood posts that were cut off and all the plugs that held down the original rubber surface was good to see how well they held up over the years." His work has left an enduring mark on the playgrounds he has built, bringing joy to countless children over the years.

children playing on a playground
2024 Jewish Community Center Constructive Playthings Playground Catalog Photoshoot

A Lifelong Partnership with Constructive Playthings

For over three decades, Greg has been an invaluable asset to Constructive Playthings. His partnership with us has flourished, driven by mutual respect and a shared commitment to excellence. Greg affirms, "There have been a lot of installs since then, and I have enjoyed working with Constructive Playthings through all those years." Greg’s installations have been pivotal in bringing our playgrounds to life across various locations.

Continuing the Legacy

As Greg's sons join him in the family business, he reflects on the journey they've shared. "When I started, my oldest son wasn’t even born yet," Greg recalls. "He started traveling with me when he was about 5 during summers when he wasn’t in school. That made it fun for both of us, after all, I’m building playgrounds."  Now working alongside them, Greg cherishes the experience, stating “Working with them is one of the greatest feelings.”

playground install
Greg with sons at 2023 Jewish Community Center Install

A Legacy of Family and Quality

Just as Greg Sullivan's dedication spans generations, so does the legacy of Constructive Playthings. For over 70 years, our family-owned company has been committed to providing educational products and toys that inspire learning, creativity, and fun for children. From our founder, Frances Gershon, to three generations of family ownership, our passion for encouraging childhood discovery remains unwavering.

Looking Ahead

As Greg's work continues to bring smiles to children's faces, he reflects on the joy of his craft. "One of my favorite things kids would ask is 'hey Mr. What are you doing'," Greg shares. "I’m putting in a new playground. Then the next question after cheering is always ‘when are you going to be done and when can we play on it?!’ Those reactions are priceless."

As Greg Sullivan's journey with Constructive Playthings carries on, so does our commitment to providing the highest quality playgrounds for children everywhere. With each installation, we strive to create spaces where memories are made and imaginations are unleashed highlighting the benefits of outdoor play.

Join us in celebrating Greg's unwavering dedication and the legacy he continues to build. And if you're considering a playground project of your own, trust in Constructive Playthings to bring your vision to life, just as we've done for countless communities over the years.

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