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From Cleanup to Creativity: Tips for Closing and Preparing Your Early Childhood Classroom

From Cleanup to Creativity: Tips for Closing and Preparing Your Early Childhood Classroom


As the school year ends, early childhood educators should utilize this time to prepare for the upcoming year. By closing down the classroom for the summer, and planning ahead for next year, you can create a seamless transition into the next school year, and create an inviting environment for your students. To support your classroom refresh, our team has curated exciting themes to make your classroom vibrant and engaging. We are here to support you throughout the process. Let's get started!

Take Inventory and Organize Supplies

Although it can feel daunting, it is important to take stock of your classroom materials. Sort through your supplies by categories, such as art materials, books, manipulatives, and learning resources. This process will give you a clear understanding of what you have and what you may need to replenish. Create a system for organizing these supplies, ensuring easy access and efficient storage when you return. Pro tip: switch to clear storage containers for easy visibility of classroom supplies!

clear storage bins on shelving

Discard Broken or Unsafe Materials

Safety is of utmost importance in an early childhood classroom. Take the time to identify and discard any broken or unsafe materials that could pose a risk to your students. Regularly inspect manipulatives, furniture, and equipment to ensure they meet safety standards. Removing these items will create a safer and more conducive learning environment for your little learners.

Donate Materials You Will Not Use

As you evaluate your inventory, you may come across materials that are no longer suitable for your teaching style or curriculum. Consider donating these items to other educators or local organizations that could benefit from them. Sharing resources not only helps fellow teachers but also promotes sustainability within the educational community.

Plan for Next Year

Looking ahead to the next school year, it's essential to plan engaging themes that will captivate and excite your students. Our team has curated a variety of classroom themes to choose from, including Nature, Insects, Dinosaurs, Construction, Ocean, and Farm. Classroom themes can help foster a sense of community and cooperation among students as they work together to explore and learn about a shared topic.

Insect Theme

Create a Wishlist of Items You'll Need

To bring your classroom to life, it's helpful to create a wishlist of items that will enhance your learning environment. Our team has carefully selected a range of materials and resources that align with fun learning themes, ensuring a comprehensive and cohesive learning experience. Get inspired as you explore these curated ideas, and give your classroom curriculum an exciting refresh!

We're Here to Help

Closing down your early childhood classroom for the summer is an essential task that sets the stage for the next school year, and planning ahead for the upcoming year will allow you to create a stimulating environment for your students. Whether you're ready to refresh one classroom or an entire center, our team is here to support you throughout this process. By providing resources, assistance, and the option to order everything you need, we are here to help make the next school year a success. Happy planning, and enjoy a well-deserved summer break!