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Little Red Rhyming Hood

  • Hardcover, 32 pages
  • STEAM learning
  • All Ages
  • Mayhem, wacky humor and cleverly written rhyme come together in this reimagining of a classic. Little Red Rhyming Hood is fun, engaging and educational! Because Little Red only speaks in verse, it's tough for her to make friends. The schoolyard bully, Big Brad Wolf, is always picking on her. One day, her grandma shows her a flyer for a poetry contest, and Little Red thinks it could be her big chance to make a friend. But on the day of the contest, Big Brad Wolf sneaks up on Little Red and scares the rhyme right out of her - and into him! How will they rhyme their way out of this dilemma? Peak children's interest in concepts and ideas that will challenge their left-brain with this soon to be STEAM classic!