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Light Table Pattern Blocks

  • 147 pcs.
  • 6 different shaped pattern blocks in 6 colors
  • Square measures 1"
  • Pattern blocks can be used on a light table or on their own to create, build, and design different shapes for hours of endless fun
  • Versatile, this set includes 6 different shapes and colors to provide hundreds of possible combinations
  • Translucent blocks are a great teaching aid for math-related subjects
  • Quick to clean and easy to clean, simply wipe the blocks with a cloth
  • Compact small size makes it easy for children to grasp and play with
  • Ages 3 yrs. +

  • Inspire creativity and encourage early STEM learning with this set of translucent blocks. This set includes 147 blocks with 6 different shaped pattern blocks in 6 different colors to design beautiful imagery on a light table or anywhere one wishes to use their creative STEM skills. By paring with a light table, children can learn with light, which keeps children attention for longer than other learning activities. So many different pieces provide hundreds of combinations to ensure hours of endless fun! The bright colors retain student’s interest and encourage hands-on learning. These blocks are great to use to enhance visual learning in the classroom, especially for math-related subjects. Students can sort by shape, count the total pieces that have each shape, and think critically to develop artistic images.