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Let's Roll Dough Roller Set

  • The set depicts the following: butterfly and meadow, bee and honeycomb, spider and web, ladybug and flowers, caterpillar and branch, grasshopper and grass, frog and lily pads, fish and weeds, duck and pond, kingfisher and perch, water strider and duckweed, dragonfly and cattails, bird and tree, bat and wood, moth and fern, squirrel and tree trunk, snail and leaves, rabbit and burrow
  • Made from a durable stone mix making this set very easy to clean
  • Rollers measure approximately 3" by 1.25"
  • 2 years +

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  • Add elements of the outside world to your classroom with our Let's Roll Nature Roller Set. These stone rollers offer an imaginative way for children to explore the natural world through creative play. Use rollers with clay, dough, sand and more. You can utilize our Let's Roll Rollers as a learning aid to teach multiple concepts. Use as an illustrative tool when talking about ecosystems and animal habitats. 

    Art: Encourage children to experiment using different amounts of pressure and rolling in different ways, honing their fine motor skills as they create tactile patterns and beautiful works of art. 

    STEAM: Use as an illustrative tool when talking about ecosystems and animal habitats. When teaching early math concepts, use the stamps on the end to stamp and count bunnies, flowers or ducks! 

    Sand & Water Play: These are perfect additions to your sand or water play area, they are durable and easy to clean.