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I'm Happy-Sad Today (Hardcover Book)

  • 40 pages
  • Opens discussion about different types of happy
  • Hardcover format
  • Happy, and also sad. Excited, but nervous too. Feeling friendly, with a little shyness mixed in. Mixed feelings are natural, but they can be confusing. There are different kinds of happy - the quiet kind and the noisy, giggly, jump and run kind. And there are conflicting feelings, like proud and jealous, frustrated and determined. With gentle messaging and charming illustrations, a little girl talks about her many layered feelings, ultimately concluding, When I have more than one feeling inside me, I don't have to choose just one. I know that all my feelings are okay at the same time. A special section for adults presents ideas for helping children explore their emotions, build a vocabulary of feeling words, know what to do if they feel overwhelmed, and more.