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Hollow Blocks: Introductory Set

  • 13-piece set
  • Made of carefully rounded and sanded Baltic Birchwood
  • Introduces basic STEM concepts, including helping children understand geometric shapes
  • Ages 3 years +

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  • Little learners will gain knowledge of basic STEM concepts with this introductory set of wooden hollow blocks. Made of carefully rounded and sanded Baltic birch with 1/2" sides, this block set has a strong resistance to denting, gouging, splintering, and cracking with strong screwed joints in case children drop them. This 13 piece set includes 5 squares, 2 double squares, 2 half squares, 2 ramps, and 2 long boards. Through structural exploration, children will begin to understand basic mathematical concepts, understand geometric shapes, as well as improve science skills. Additionally, structural builds help introduce architectural designs for little ones. This hollow block set is recommended for children ages 3 years and older.