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Colorful light table accessories laying across a light panel

Shining a Light on Learning

What do literacy, music, writing, math and science have in common? They are all skills that can be learned and developed using a light table! A light table is a table that is illuminated with…wait for it…light! While it seems straight forward, there are many types of light tables, used for many different purposes, which are found both in classrooms and at home.

There are many benefits of using light tables in preschool and kindergarten. The first is the benefit of learning with light. Light is a fantastic source of visual sensory input. Children are drawn to light and can often find it calming to interact with the glow of a light table. Teachers even say it keeps a child’s attention for longer periods of time than other learning activities! It also makes activities more entertaining and engaging then without light. Some of our favorite light table accessories help young children develop letter recognition, color practice, problem-solving skills, building and puzzle techniques and many other positive benefits.

One of our most popular light table products is our Ultra Bright LED Light Panel. Instead of a heavy table that takes up a lot of room, this is a portable tablet of light that features 3 different settings for different types of play.

“If you are looking for an excellent starter light play source, the Constructive Playthings light panel is a great option. The light panel has even light distribution and is well constructed. I highly recommend this light panel. You cannot go wrong with it. Plus, if you decide to upgrade to something larger later, it can be used as an extra. That comes into handy all the time for us!”

Epic Childhood blog 

When it comes to picking activities and accessories for light table play there are a ton of options, both store-bought and DIY. Here are a few of our favorite light table accessories to take you to the next level.

Light Table Pattern Blocks are perfect for solving puzzles and creating new shapes. This STEM activity can help build a foundation for math skills and critical thinking development!

Sorting Jewels and Baskets can be used for many different sensory games and sorting projects, leading young students to identify colors and textures while creating a fun and game-like environment.

Brackitz are one of our favorite educational products! These unique, connect-anywhere Brackitz® attach to planks at any angle, enabling builders to construct everything from small scale to 3D structures. With plastic planks and rotating pieces, anyone can create structures with moving parts. Brackitz brings science, technology, math, and engineering principles into play to further highlight the benefits of light tables in kindergarten and preschool.

Light Learning Letters introduce letters and literacy to young minds and busy hands. These squishy and fun to use letters also help with fine motor skills and color identification.