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Constructive Playthings Customer Favorites: Legacy Items

Constructive Playthings Customer Favorites: Legacy Items

It’s funny how classics stand the test of time . . . from movies, and books, and yes, even educational resources! Almost 70 years ago, Constructive Playthings was founded on creating unique, educational products to use within early childhood development settings such as schools and child care centers. Products had to be strong and durable to last through endless hours of play. Still to this day, our mission is the same. Educators rely on Constructive Playthings to deliver the same quality products, while we continue to develop and grow our collection of innovative learning options.

It’s encouraging to see how educators utilize our legacy products in classrooms to this day. The items are designed and crafted by and for educators to provide years of learning experiences. Each product has been created to help support physical, cognitive, social/emotional and language development.

We’d love for you to take a closer look at some of our favorite legacy products in our online collection, but we’ve also highlighted a few below!

What are your favorite Constructive Playthings resources? We’d love to hear!

Footage courtesy of @ot_room

Visual Tactile Matching Patches

This memory and matching game features fun patches adorned with colorful shapes, animals, and patterns. It’s a fantastic way to introduce the concepts of shape, size, counting, hand-eye coordination, and even more for versatile play and learning opportunities inside a classroom setting or at home. As a pediatric occupational therapist, Andrea uses these within her therapy bags to develop creative tactile experiences for her patients!


sorting-box-combo-for color-and-counting

Sorting Box Combo for Color & Counting

Sequences, patterning, problem solving . . . this beautiful wooden sorting box has so many learning activities ready to go! With various tiles for different abilities and learning stages, our customers love having this sturdy set within their learning stations. Mariana has taken this all to a new level with creating new ways to work with this set! Besides the actual purpose of the box . . . memory, executive functions activities, number sense, sorting and color recognition . . . we can't wait to see more of what she is doing with it.

The wooden sorting box contains 10 different compartments with 10 slots. There are 3 Header Strips: one with numbers in correct sequences on one side and domino patterns on reverse side, one with numbers and one side domino patterns in out-of-sequence order (for more difficult problem-solving) and one with 10, graded colors on each side. Set includes 50 wooden tiles with objects to count and 20 wooden color tiles.



 Geometric Nesting Windows

Always a customer favorite, the Geometric Nesting Windows allow children to discover the graduated sizes, hues of color, and varying textures within these three sets of wooden-framed acrylic-paneled nesting window blocks. These are a  perfect addition to sensory play, and really fun to incorporate into your light table to focus on color identification as well as shape skills. We love seeing Colbie work with her shapes and fine motor skills stacking and matching the windows. 



Toddler Manipulative Table

The most versatile table in town, and one that is so very loved in educational centers, classrooms, and homes. Give your children a great place to play with their manipulatives. The raised edges of this hardwood table create the most incredible play space for toddlers to work with their manipulatives, a beautiful background to the endless opportunities. Nobody has mastered this better than Maria as her children enjoy a fresh display of fun on the daily! Simply scroll through her feed to see the consistent backdrop of her always changing (and can we also say, amazing) learning station. 


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