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Fine-tuning those fine-motor skills

Fine-tuning those fine-motor skills

Fine-motor skill development is always on the radar within any early childhood education setting. What’s great about this skill set is that most everyday tasks are fantastic ways for children to practice, from buttoning their coat to pouring juice into a cup!

Especially in a classroom setting, you’ll find even more opportunities such as using scissors, modeling clay, stringing beads, or writing with a crayon. Opportunities are endless, but even the most resourceful of teachers look for new and exciting ways for little hands to build those fine motor skills. Below are 4 of our favorite products that are perfect for just that!



Small colorful cubes that link together are not only the perfect way to master some fine motor skills, but also offer an excellent open-ended product in your classroom! STEAM and math centers will certainly benefit, as sorting, stacking, building and patterning are terrific options with these cubes. Want more inspiration? Check out @kindnesscastle below!




Create beautiful structures with these Linking Cubes! These ¾" sq. cubes come in six bright colors and can link together on all four sides for building 3-D structures.


Constructive Playthings Exclusive!

Children will delight in stringing the 16 pieces of clothing–some with embedded jewels–by following the included seasonal design cards or creating their own patterns. Stored in a cute wooden box, the Clothesline Match allows children to pattern, pretend to be at a boutique, or hang the laundry to dry with the wooden needle permanently attached to the string. What a fantastic fine-motor skill development tool, and perhaps the cutest one on the block!


Creativity. Critical thinking. Fine motor skills. Maybe even a little patience! All of these skills will be used as children work with these colorful, unbreakable slotted disks. Creating 3-D structures has never been so fun or rewarding, and the ability to place those discs into the right notch while carefully creating a masterpiece will certainly knock that fine motor skill work off the list.


A classic addition to any classroom, this set of four wooden puzzles includes real photographs of familiar foods as well as animals. This is a perfect way to not only work on recognition and matching skills, but with the small knob placed on each piece, children can practice grasping each piece and working it back into its proper place.

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