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Bringing Active Play Inside!

Bringing Active Play Inside!


In a school setting there comes a time of the year where weather gets colder, equipment is wet or air quality isn’t safe for children. That’s when we bring the fun indoors! I am always looking for ways to bring fun activities you can do both in and outside of the classroom because multi-purpose equipment is essential to save money and get creative with what you have. I came across these numbered ladybug bean bags and a parachute that are perfect for that. 


Bean bags may appear as a simple activity, but for young children they can be challenging! There are so many benefits to playing with bean bags. They boost hand eye coordination, provide sensory input, promote creative movement, balance, kinesthetic awareness and strengthen fine and gross motor skills. I love how the ladybugs have a number printed on them with the corresponding amount of dots on the other side. It’s a great hands-on activity that reinforces identifying colors, numbers, counting and imaginative play. My students loved the games we played. Their favorite was tossing them while saying the number out loud that was on the bean bag and jumping that amount of times. It kept them engaged, entertained and laughing!


The parachute is great because it teaches the students to follow directions, reinforces turn-taking, encourages communication, sharing, and develops a sense of rhythm. Parachute games develop team-building skills, which help children socialize and make friends. I noticed this while we were walking in circles, putting the parachute up, down walking in and out. They loved taking turns sitting underneath it and saying silly things when we lifted it up and down. 


From a teachers point of view, bringing the students in the classroom as a group promotes peer bonding and social interaction. I feel as if the children interact more with one another, communicate better because they aren’t using their “outside” voices and get more creative with the activity they are doing.

What are your favorite indoor active play resources?



Stepping Domes - CHP-36


Rainbow Mat - MTC-540


See-Thru Play Tunnel - NIN-55


Colored Playground Balls - MTC-170

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