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Back to School: Sensory Play Table Refresh

Back to School: Sensory Play Table Refresh

Back to school is upon us and this year it may be more exciting than ever for all of us! We love seeing you--whether in the classroom or at home--refreshing your learning centers and ideas for the Fall. What new things are you incorporating this year? Have you added some new community figures into your block play area, or what about some community helper dress up clothes into your dramatic play time? And sensory play--what can you shake up there?

Sensory play is one of our favorites at Constructive Playthings and Megan Black over at @littleslearnandgrow always has something fun in the works! Recently she incorporated our new Lalaboom products into her playtime and her two girls had a ball. Take a look!


As a mom of two little girls and a teacher in a class of two-year-olds, I am always on the hunt for new and exciting ways to engage their little minds. Preparations to go back into the classroom this Fall will be no different, and I am already building my list of activities and ideas for play-based learning and fun!

We love sensory bins both at home and in the classroom as they provide children the opportunity to not only explore and learn through hands-on play but also develop many more skills such as language, critical thinking skills, and creativity. Our favorite thing to do in our sensory bins is to explore new toys. Recently, my girls and I were able to check out the Lalaboom 5 in 1 Snap beads and add them into our play. They are brightly colored, diverse in shapes and sizes, and allow for diverse levels of ages and skills to play. Although the ages specify 10 months - 36 months+, both my girls—ages 3 and 6—enjoyed playing with these.


Big 6 easily laced the beads but then challenged herself by matching the snap beads to make unique flower designs as well as arches (she called them rainbows). She then had to figure out how to attach and balance the snap beads on each side so they would not tip over the arch. It was so fun to watch her use creativity and dexterity, as she sharpened her problem-solving skills!


Little 3 was perfectly challenged with the snapping beads as well as the included lacing cord. With a few tries, she was able to master the lacing herself! Little 3 also loves to scoop and pour, working on her transferring skills. She was so excited to make her own maraca by scooping rice into the beads, closing it up, and giving it a shake. Same product, but she was able to work on her fine motor skills and engage in sensory play on a fun, developmentally appropriate level.


This set will be a wonderful addition to our sensory play center in my preschool classroom as well. By exploring unique textures, vibrant colors, and various hand grips to manipulate the beads, my students have endless opportunities to grow! I see lots of fun ways to play with these beads in our future. Be sure to follow along with our journey on Instagram!




Lalaboom Sensory Balls and Beads Set - LOL-04 


100 Piece Stacks Mini Blocks - EFN-20

wooden rainbow buttons

Wooden Rainbow Buttons - LAD-422


Zippee - MOB-01

my first magnetic safari

My First Magnetic Safari Animals - SMR-220

magnetic wooden building set

Magnetic Wooden Building Set - TGU-2

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