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5 Ways to Keep Kids Learning All Summer!

5 Ways to Keep Kids Learning All Summer!

Summer break is meant to be fun – and there are plenty of fun ways to keep kids brains working and continue learning when not in school. Incorporating a few of these activities into your child’s schedule is an easy way to keep them engaged and developing.

sand box play
1. Encourage Sandbox & Block Play
Kids young and old can benefit from the process of building a structure because it involves motor skills, creativity, hand-eye coordination, critical thinking, math skills, problem-solving, and spatial awareness. A great place to build, shape and grow is right in the sandbox. Prefer inside? Try some new building tools like Brackitz for a fun challenge.

2. Redesign a favorite book or movie cover
Give them something to do on a rainy day, challenge your children to use paint, crayons, glitter or even clay to re-imagine one of their favorite movies or books.

kitchen play

3. Bring them into the kitchen to help with the cooking
This is a great way to involve them in some of the chores while learning the importance of following directions, developing listening skills and using hand-eye coordination. The best part is they get to enjoy the food they helped create after! If you child is too young for the kitchen, using fake food and kitchen play sets are a great way for them to follow along while you prepare the real meal!

4. Summer Reading
Take summer reading to the next level! Start a new character series like Pete the Cat or stick with the classics you remember growing up with. Set a goal on how many books a month you can read together! Then, follow up by asking questions about the characters and plot to ensure good listening and interpretation skills get used.

5. Super Soak Spelling & Counting
Squeeze bottles and Super Soakers alike build dexterity and muscle strength, while kids think they are just playing in the water! Use them on a hot day to cool off and have some fun. Have them aim for targets to work on balance and strength, or take it to the next level by writing out number and letters in chalk for them to aim for. Perfect for letter and number identification or even math and spelling practice!