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The Princess and the Petri Dish

  • Hardcover, 32 pages
  • STEAM learning
  • All Ages
  • Mayhem, wacky humor and cleverly written rhyme come together in this reimagining of a classic. The Princess and the Petri Dish is fun, engaging and educational! Pippa isn't your usual princess. She loves inventing things, and she prefers petri dishes to perfecting her curtseying. And when she realizes that she doesn't like peas, she gets a bright idea: if she can make a "better pea," then her pea-eating problems will be over! The natural solution is to combine peas with chocolate... but when it turns out the vines of her delicious new peas grow so long that they threaten to take over the kingdom, Pippa will have to come up with a solution - fast! Peak children's interest in concepts and ideas that will challenge their left-brain with this soon to be STEAM classic!