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Tru-Ray® Construction Paper, Gold, 12" x 18" - 50 Sheets

  • Heavyweight 100% vat-dyed sulphite construction paper
  • Tough and durable, the longer, stronger fibers fold and curl without cracks or tears
  • Acid-free and resistant to fading
  • Budget friendly bulk 50 pack of 12" x 18" sheets
  • Versatile teacher resource, use in classrooms or art rooms
  • Gold color
  • Tru-Ray® Construction Paper is tough, heavyweight 100% vat-dyed sulphite construction paper with longer, stronger fibers to fold and curl without cracks or tears. It is acid-free and resistant to fade so projects will stay brighter and fresher longer. The budget-friendly 50-page bulk size makes this a great resource for teachers and parents to use in classrooms, daycares, or the home. Gold color. Multiple colors are available. 12" x 18" size, perfect for using in arts and crafts as a base for collages or drawings. Turn children into little Picasso's with this bulk. Suitable for all ages.