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Our Solar System Mats

  • Each piece is scaled in size and labeled with the planets name
  • Highly durable mats with non-slip backing
  • Made from natural rubber and microsuede
  • Mats range in size from 31” x 18” for the largest piece and 3.5” diameter for smallest piece
  • 3 years +
  • Make play time out of this world! Our 10-piece Solar System Seating Set has non-slip backing, making this set versatile enough to be used indoors and out. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn are all recreated with high quality imagery printed on microsuede and heat pressed to the rubber, making the mats extremely durable. Each mat is scaled in size so you can realistically recreate the solar system to help children learn through play. The mats are also labeled with the name of the planet that it represents for added learning potential. This multi-functional set is not just for seating, use it to create a game to hone children's balance and gross motor skills - while learning to recognize planets in our solar system, can you hop to mars from the moon? Mats range in size from 31" x 18" for the largest piece and 3.5" diameter for smallest piece.