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Natural Counting Log

  • Educational Play: Fine motor, concentration, mathematics, logic
  • Sustainably made with FSC certified beech wood
  • Counting Log measures 18 ½” long, Sticks measure 2 ½ " long
  • 18 months +
  • This beautifully designed wooden Counting Log will add a touch of the great outdoors to your STEAM area. Smooth and simple, the log has equally sized holes with numbers underneath. Children can count and sort the included sticks and place the corresponding number of sticks in the log, making this a great visual and tactile math learning aid. The visual element will help reinforce the different quantity of sticks, helping them understand the cardinality of groups at an early age. One side of the log is numbered from 0 -9, the opposite side is numbered from 1 - 10, making this a great tool to teach the value of 0. The Counting Log and Sticks are made from sustainable forested beech wood making this a beautiful and earth friendly piece!