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HashMag Building Set

  • Build 2D and 3D structures
  • 36 magnetic triangles and 36 magnetic squares
  • Clean with Alcohol Based Sanitizer
  • 3 years +

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  • For all of the budding builders out there, Polydron Hashmag is the STEAM set to have. Hashmags super strong magnets and chunky sizes make it easy for small hands to build. Hashmags can be used with a light table, in a block area, and even on a magnetic surface like a magnetized board or door frame! Comprised of 6 vibrant translucent colors, Hashmags are color coded to indicate polarity. Magnetic pieces 'click' as the colored sides attract to each other, self-correcting. Building a two-dimensional net and letting gravity 'snap' together into a three-dimensional volume is a powerful visual and tactile representation of geometry. Imagination and creativity are king when playing with Hashmags, you can build spheres, boxes, triangles and more. An inspirational building guide is included to jump start children's imaginations. Sturdy and easy to clean, this set is built for use and is suitable for the classroom or home.