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Giant Transparent String Beads


Regular Price: $33.99

Sale Price $22.99

  • 258 pc. Set
  • Can be used on a classroom light table or panel
  • 250 vibrant transparent beads measuring approx. 5/8" sq.
  • 8 tipped laces measuring 25" L.
  • 5 different shapes in 6 colors
  • Can be wiped clean with a non-bleach solution and a soft, damp cloth
  • Ages 3 yrs. +
  • Experience the fun of lacing activities with your students! Our Giant Transparent String Beads help children develop strong fine motor, cognitive, and visual perceptions skills, while promoting hand-eye coordination. Watch in amazement as the large, transparent beads have a different effect reflecting light on a lighted surface, such as a classroom light table or panel. This set allows adults and children multiple playing scenarios. Children can sort and identify beads by color and shape or adults can create a pattern for children to copy. The learning possibilities are endless. The 250 beads come in 5 different shapes and 6 colors and have extra-large holes for no-fail stringing. Our set also includes 8-25" L. tipped laces for classroom group fun. Beads can be wiped clean with a non-bleach solution and a soft, damp cloth. For children ages 3 yrs. +.