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Expressions Babies


Regular Price: $39.99

Special Price $19.99

  • 6 unique facial expressions encourage children of all ages to identify & label common feelings
  • Great educational tool to help young children verbalize feelings & learn about different healthy ways to express emotion
  • Cuddle-friendly & made with soft fabric, these babies come with removable sleep sacks and promote self-regulation through active sensory play
  • Machine & surface washable cloth makes hands on play fun, easy & stress-free!
  • All Ages
  • These 6 huggable babies with affixed hair and unique facial emotions are perfect for little ones to love! Expression Babies feature removable sleep sacks and cloth bodies with the softest feel for fostering nurturing and self-help skills in even the youngest learners. Our dolls are surface washable and easy to clean to keep the fun going and going!