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Meeting Diverse Learning Styles with Inclusive Spaces: Unlocking Learning Potential with the Mobile Sensory Play Kitchen

In the world of early childhood education, one size certainly does not fit all. Children come into the classroom with distinct learning styles, and it's our job to create environments where each student can thrive. The Mobile Sensory Play Kitchen is a versatile tool that can adapt seamlessly to accommodate various types of learners. Explore the blog to learn how to use the spaces in your classroom to naturally engage visual, kinesthetic, auditory, and social learners!

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From Cleanup to Creativity: Tips for Closing and Preparing Your Early Childhood Classroom

As the school year ends, early childhood educators should utilize this time to prepare for the upcoming year. By closing down the classroom for the summer, and planning ahead for next year, you can create a seamless transition into the next school year, and create an inviting environment for your students. To support your classroom refresh, our team has curated exciting themes to make your classroom vibrant and engaging. We are here to support you throughout the process. Let's get started!

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Back to School: Sensory Play Table Refresh

Back to school is upon us and this year it may be more exciting than ever for all of us! We love seeing you--whether in the classroom or at home--refreshing your learning centers and ideas for the Fall. What new things are you incorporating this year? Have you added some new community figures into your block play area, or what about some community helper dress up clothes into your dramatic play time? And sensory play--what can you shake up there?

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