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A Whole New Day in Dramatic Play!

Often when we think of dramatic play in a classroom setting, dress-up centers and play kitchens quickly come to mind. But there are so many opportunities to work dramatic play into your learning environment, and the benefits for children are endless. 

Dramatic play happens through structured scenarios with more predefined settings, like within the housekeeping center, or unstructured scenarios where children are free to create their own experience, such as turning a table and chairs into a campsite. Both are important to incorporate into your everyday learning atmosphere; we’ve included some of our favorites below.

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Little Leaders: Igniting Your Children's Social-Emotional Development

It’s often easy to think about our children learning their basics—to read, to write, to talk–but what about how to become a balanced and emotionally-grounded person?

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Exploring Light, Color, and Reflection

Preschool rooms are an environment filled with learning activities and opportunities. But providing that sense of wonder and curiosity takes more than a few materials. Working with light, color, and reflection stimulates wonder in children and promotes curiosity in the preschool classroom.

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