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BLOCK PLAY: Super Simple, Amazingly Fun and Very Effective

Classrooms are filled with a multitude of objects to explore, discover, and manipulate, but none can compare to the rich learning opportunities offered by traditional, solid-wood unit blocks.

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How To Construct A More Empowered Classroom: An Easy Guide

The teacher’s ability to create the learning environment sets the tone for the activity and experiences in the classroom. From the furniture choices and placement to the soft and cozy touches, the environment is the foundation for young children to build their skills. Helping to construct spaces to connect, spaces to function, and spaces for learning, the classroom becomes an additional teacher in fostering young children’s development.

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5 Ways to Keep Kids Learning All Summer!

Summer break is meant to be fun – and there are plenty of fun ways to keep kids brains working and continue learning when not in school.  Incorporating a few of these activities into your child’s schedule is an easy way to keep them engaged and developing.

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The New Modern Family

Taking a look at the rise of the multi-racial family and how it early childhood education needs to change for the better. 

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Shining a Light on Learning

What do literacy, music, writing, math, and science have in common? They are all skills that can be learned and developed using a light table! A light table is a table that is illuminated with…wait for it…light! While it seems straight forward, there are many types of light tables, used for many different purposes, which are found both in classrooms and at home.

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