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Get Outside and Play in Early Childhood

Do you remember your parents kicking you outside during the summer to go run around the neighborhood? You’d come home at the end of the day sunkissed, a little bit sticky, and maybe even covered in dirt, but you were happy and fell into bed exhausted but ready to do it again the next day. I don’t feel like that happens as much anymore, whether for safety issues or because we lead such busy lives; our kids just aren’t spending as much time outdoors anymore.  

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Bringing Active Play Inside!

In a school setting there comes a time of the year where weather gets colder, equipment is wet or air quality isn’t safe for children. That’s when we bring the fun indoors! I am always looking for ways to bring fun activities you can do both in and outside of the classroom because multi-purpose equipment is essential to save money and get creative with what you have. I came across these numbered ladybug bean bags and a parachute that are perfect for that. 

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