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Research shows that developing strong early childhood literacy skills actually impact a child’s ability to succeed academically, graduate on time, and even enhance overall productivity as an adult. It makes sense, right?

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A Whole New Day in Dramatic Play!

Often when we think of dramatic play in a classroom setting, dress-up centers and play kitchens quickly come to mind. But there are so many opportunities to work dramatic play into your learning environment, and the benefits for children are endless. 

Dramatic play happens through structured scenarios with more predefined settings, like within the housekeeping center, or unstructured scenarios where children are free to create their own experience, such as turning a table and chairs into a campsite. Both are important to incorporate into your everyday learning atmosphere; we’ve included some of our favorites below.

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Back to School

Back to school season is in full swing and we are excited to see what you all have planned for the new school year! The creativity and enthusiasm we witness from our educational leaders is overwhelming, and we are so humbled to play a small part in your day-to-day. 

As you get started in your planning, what are the top things you think through to keep yourself on track? We’d love to see your process and hope you will tag us in your classroom set up adventures!

We’ve shared 5 of our favorite tips below to help clear the summertime mind and get ready for a successful year in the classroom. 

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Legacy Items

It’s funny how classics stand the test of time . . . from movies, and books, and yes, even educational resources! Almost 70 years ago, Constructive Playthings was founded on creating unique, educational products to use within early childhood development settings such as schools and child care centers. Products had to be strong and durable to last through endless hours of play. Still to this day, our mission is the same. Educators rely on Constructive Playthings to deliver the same quality products, while we continue to develop and grow our collection of innovative learning options.

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Get Outside and Play

Do you remember your parents kicking you outside during the summer to go run around the neighborhood? You’d come home at the end of the day sunkissed, a little bit sticky, and maybe even covered in dirt, but you were happy and fell into bed exhausted but ready to do it again the next day. I don’t feel like that happens as much anymore, whether for safety issues or because we lead such busy lives; our kids just aren’t spending as much time outdoors anymore.  

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