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Donuts, flowers and airports? Watch this Dramatic Play Makeover!

Back to school season is upon us, and this year it is more special than ever! Many children are heading back to school in-person for the first time in over a year, or entering a classroom that finally feels a bit more normal. 

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Back to School: Sensory Play Table Refresh

Back to school is upon us and this year it may be more exciting than ever for all of us! We love seeing you--whether in the classroom or at home--refreshing your learning centers and ideas for the Fall. What new things are you incorporating this year? Have you added some new community figures into your block play area, or what about some community helper dress up clothes into your dramatic play time? And sensory play--what can you shake up there?

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The Simplicity of Play

Younger children learn best through play! It’s easy to forget that although it may seem simplistic and unchallenging, the benefits received are unbelievable. Play relieves stress, improves brain function, increases creativity, boosts cooperation and social skills, and more! 

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Spring Metamorphosis

The weather is warming up and there is no better time to get outside to shake up the learning experience. It is as simple as moving typical indoor activities outside--lego building on the patio--or going on a leisurely walk looking for the many things in bloom! Do a kid-friendly workout class to music near the playground or practice those yoga moves in the grass; there are so many fun options.  

Check out how Taylor Wyatt at @CompleteMomSense is spending her time outside, incorporating science and discovery as well as lots of fun!



Spring is officially in full bloom and it is the perfect season to spend time outdoors doing activities and experiments with your kids! It’s easy to think of outside play including water and sand activities, but this time of year my daughters and I really enjoy exploring nature and learning about the insects that we see everyday. 


My whole family is currently watching the life cycle of a butterfly with the butterfly garden. Every day we check on our caterpillars and wait for the changes to occur. It’s a great talking point to go outside and see butterflies and have a dialogue about how they start as caterpillars and over time change into butterflies. I also love that it comes with manipulatives that represent each phase - egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly! This helps us to see the stage they’re in and what’s to come. We can’t wait to release our butterflies into the wild!


Water tables, sand pits, and mini pools are all the rage and for good reason! Not only are they every child’s favorite, they encourage pretend play, aid fine and gross motor skills, and promote sensory experiences. With any of these options you can throw in cups, scoops, utensils, bowls, and have your kids do transfer activities to improve hand eye coordination. If you add in some food coloring you can watch primary colors transfer to secondary colors. 

Outdoor play is essential for children. The good news is there are so many activities available to help keep it engaging and fun! We are looking forward to having all the fun in the sun this year. Be sure to follow along with us to see how our butterfly garden progresses in the coming weeks!


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Creating Magic through STEAM

This month we have been celebrating STEM and STEAM Education. What’s the difference? STEAM is simply an approach to learning that not only incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, but also the Arts!


Elizabeth McBee shares how she has turned this crazy COVID year into a year of homeschooling and creativity using simple, open-ended toys that allow her children to discover in a way that is comfortable to them. When children feel comfortable, they will learn new skills! Not only are her children learning new skills, but they are also incorporating all different learning styles and techniques encouraging inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking (yay STEAM!). The best part is, much of this is led by her children as they are developmentally ready to move through to the next level of discovery.




With the one-year anniversary of COVID having passed, so many of us are reflecting on this past year. There is something unique about facing a challenge as a collective group. Somehow as we all faced isolation like never before, we became connected on a deeper level. We have shared struggles and insights, humor and life hacks. We have risen to the occasion and had each other’s backs. Now it is spring again, and we are slowly getting back to life outside our homes. One thing that I sincerely hope remains, is how we share with each other. 

For me, this past year brought the opportunity to homeschool my children. While the freedom and flexibility provided a much-needed reprieve, it also brought very real challenges. With kids ranging from Pre-K to 3rd grade, it was no joke trying to accommodate everyone. 

As a former preschool teacher, I did have a few tricks up my sleeve. My favorite secret weapon is open-ended materials. Not only are they versatile, but they also inspire the learner and allow them to discover at their own pace. Take, for instance, this Stuff N’ Pull Scarf Tote. It could be labeled as a toddler toy, but we have found endless uses for it! The scarves have been volcanoes for geology. They’ve been capes in plays the girls have written. The container was transformed into a mystery box to study material properties and understand the concept of deduction. All the while, my 4-year-old was using the same materials to play alongside the big kids! It allowed her to participate in a way that was fun at her level. The best part is, I don’t have to do all the thinking! By providing these materials, the children naturally get inspired and take initiative to construct their own knowledge. 

It turns out, we are all made for creative connection. We take what we are given and make magic out of it. To absolutely everyone: congratulations not just on making it through a year, but for all the little ways you did the unexpected and transformed the world.  

 Stuff N’ Pull Scarf Tote


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Have a moment to share with us? Be sure to tag us and use the hashtag #constructiveinsights in your post. We’d love to potentially feature you on our social feeds and/or in an upcoming email!

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